Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Having a Gatsby moment

My blog has already been neglected as has my youtube but that is for a cammy is not working. NOOOO :( i know it's killing my life so whilst I figure out how to fix it..I'm afraid it has come to looking at google for images to accompany my many thoughts.

I've been in a Gatsby phase for around 6 solid months now, anything remotely art deco sends jitters to my stomach, theres just something about 1920's sickly opulent glamour that attracts me!

And today in the mail I received my beautifully art deco covered hard copy of the Great Gatsby designed by the lovely Coralie Bickford-Smith. Unfortunately the only visual I have of my little pride and joy (along with another Fitzgerald classic) is one from my instagram, but hey these babies talk for themselves without any fancay photography!

And so it then got me thinking...I should be cliche and incorporate a whole series of photos that celebrate this little moment the world is having in light of good old Fitzy.


Mia you DOLL.

Theres something about this packaging and the colour that just make me want to run out and buy a whole bunch

And so i'll end with an inspiring quote by the wise man himself: "Action is character" F. Scott Fitzgerald.

till next time 

L x

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